Winners Announced!!!
Last month we invited you to make the most provocative images possible using the above photo of Le Corbusier. We were blown away by your responses, sometimes a little confused and a few times scared, but amazed all the same! Since there were so many fascinating entries our jury even decided to give out a few awards of their own!

Congratulations to the winners and everyone who participated!

Jury Comments:

"Cor(nudie)r Collage Competition elevates architectural discourse to the level of "The leg bomb" and "Kony 2012." I'm super pleased that a nude Corbusier will continue to haunt our collective conscience" - Christopher Barley of Th—ey

"There's some crazy shit in here." - Lee Moreau of Project_

"You can give me the cribs, you can give me whatever, just pass the Corbusier."
- Daniel Arsham & Alex Mustonen of Snarkitecture

"Collage and digital appropriation is the language of the internet, it's great to see architects communicating this way. I can't wait to see where these Cornudes start popping up!" - Leo Johnson of GraffitiLab

"OMG" - Shelly Johnson of GraffitiLab

First Prize: "Franked" by Emily Fischer

Second Prize: "Le Creep" by Jessica Helmandollar

Third Prize: "The Making of E, 3-5-3-9 14´5-19-20 16-1-19 21-14-5 16-9-16-5"
by Cimolai Jerome

Best Use of Corb Award: "Towards a Nude Landscape" by Anne Ehrlich & Emily Cheng

Best GIF: "mean: CORBU" by Wesley C Wright

Still Can’t Find Corb Award...: "Where’s Le Nude?" by Jason Granado

Seriously, WTF? Award: "Complex" by Mina Kouvara

Best Attack on Mies (of strangely a lot of Anti-Mies Entries):
"Piss on Mies or Unsuspected Envies" by Marco Corazza + Lidia Montanari

Best Use of Yoko Ono: "Where is John?" by Jorge Cárdenas

Best Wordplay/Worst Resolution: "Pass Le Courvoisier" by Rajiv Fernandez

Sooo Should Have Been a GIF Award: 'Beyonbusier' by Darién Montañez

Best Photoshopping of New Leg: "On Top of the Game" by Alison Rea

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

We hope to see you again soon for the next competition!

Machine for Snorkeling by Elizabeth Kubey

Alice Chan

Anatomy Lesson by Tamara Popovic 

Rear Le Corbusier by Giovanni Rossato 

Sally Rand's New Poissy Location by Jonathan LeMaste 

Virgin Corbusier by Dong Min Lee 

Le Gymnastic by Petrisko 

Corbusier Rex by Kenny Wong 

Hand of Corbu Demigod by Chris Miller of yellowwallstudio 

Le Corbusier Herding Cats on the Unite D'Habitation by Iseult O'Clery 

Eileen's Revenge by Hanratty/Queenan 


Gabriel Fernández 

Corpoo by Trevor Lamphier 

Just One of the Gang by Simon Diesendruck 

Modern Architecture by Serhat Ulubay 

Couch Surfer or Couch Besmircher by Liz Walsh 

Modern Bliss by Helen Evans 

The Dream Team by Kirsten Kilponen 

Dawn of the Formalists by Vicente Gascó Gómez 

Towards a Nude Architecture by Graham Gordon 

Less on the Shore by Ryan Woods 

The Modular Leg by James R. Dean 

A Few Ideas by Fatima Freitas 

Could You Take a Look at This, Please? by Anonymous  

Statue of Le with NYC by Kil Kim 

Le Corbusier in America[n Psycho] by Brian Hamilton 

Jaimie Shorten 

Pilotis: Secret Source of Inspiration by Jose Moises Cherem Maus 

Nude Corbu Vogue Pollack by Greg Duncan 

Barcorbusier Pavilion by Allison Carafa 

Vers(us) the Machine by Zinon Kitieus 

Corbusier - Collaborator by Russ Pin 

"A village constructed in series and subdivided in the right way,
would result in a clean and calm order that can fatally impose some
discipline on its inhabitants." - Le Corbusier
Frederico Pimpão: "A village constructed in series and subdivided in the right way, would result in a clean and calm order that can fatally impose some discipline on its inhabitants." - Le Corbusier

When the New Meets the Old by Paul Chan 

Corbu-tone by Josh Perez 

Le Corbusier and the Modulor by Nikos Papagrigoriou 

(its as if) corb waz (never) ere by James Davies 

The Possible Future of Paris by Matthew Drysdale 

Strip the Ornaments!!! by Ivo Vaz Barbosa 

Non stop Modigliani (Corb just wanted to paint her) by Alex King 

1929...! I'm coming!! by Cristobal Gonzalez 

The Modest Corb by Otis Sloan Brittain 

Jedi Nudier by Pedro Henrique Gonçalves 

Sorry, Mr. C by Bill McCullam 

Welcome to my Church by Erik Nelson 

Corbusier Simply Genius by George 13 Walters 

LC by HM by Hubert Bruno 


Le Functionalist by Petrisko 

Dejuner sur l'Green Space by Anne Ehrlich & Emily Cheng 

Oops, Forgot My Uniform by Simon Diesendruck 

Brilliant Idea by Serhat Ulubay 

More Excessive Music by Serhat Ulubay 

Le Yorkbusier by Serhat Ulubay 

Content vs Corr by Tamara Popovic 

Alpine Skiing by Natacha Schnider 

Pollack, Krasner, and Corbu by Greg Duncan 



Leo and Chuck by James R. Dean 

Remind You of Anything... by Matthew Drysdale 

The Awkward Classroom by Natacha Schnider 

Deserves It by Matthew Drysdale 

Betches love Le Corbusier by Jessica Helmandollar 

The Modular Operation by Natacha Schnider 

<strong>E, 3-5-3-9 14´5-19-20 16-1-19 21-14-5 16-9-16-5</strong> by Cimolai Jerome
: E, 3-5-3-9 14´5-19-20 16-1-19 21-14-5 16-9-16-5 by Cimolai Jerome

Corb Tower by Matthew Drysdale 

Guten Morgen Herr Corbusier by Simon Diesendruck 

Legar David Corbusier by Greg Duncan 

Dress Code by James R. Dean 

At Home With Leo by James R. Dean 

Veggie Aisle by Natacha Schnider 

Best Original Screenplay by Rajiv Fernandez 

Venus tells Corb her views on minimalism by Alex King 

Corb Was Here by James R. Dean 

Corbusier and the ideal city update 2012 by Alex King 


Hey! Wain, its Corbusier by Alex King 

Serving the Last Supper by Natacha Schnider 

Villa (Franken)Stein by Anne Ehrlich & Emily Cheng 

Towards a Crash by Anne Ehrlich & Emily Cheng 

Dirty Deeds by Jessica Helmandollar