Reality Cues is about making architecture in digital, interactive, and social media, where ownership is communal and subject matter changes as quickly as users can click the 'share' button. Within this culture of reposting, reblogging, and retweeting is the opportunity to modify and subvert prevailing tendencies. Combine this with the ease with which anyone can alter images to create virtual worlds, and you are left with an increasingly fuzzy area between the so-called virtual and real.

Last month we invited you to make the most provocative images possible using the images (below) and redefine the architectural content or insert architecture of your own. We were blown away by your responses, sometimes a little confused and a few times scared, but amazed all the same! Since there were so many fascinating entries our jury even decided to give out a few awards of their own!

(Clockwise from top left) Fort du Salbert, Versailles Grand Trianon, Ctesiphon Ruin 1864, Geirangerfjord, Rainbow Bookcase (by Eccentric Scholar - Flickr), Chang Chun Shrine, Catbells Northern Ascent, La Tour St. Jacques La Boucherie à Paris (images from Wiki Commons)

Congratulations to the winners and everyone who participated!

Jury Comments:

"Spooky!" Juergen Mayer H. - J. Mayer H. Architecture

"OMG architecture makes me believe (in nothing)." Sammy Medina - Architizer

"The !!!!!!!!!!!! competition throws down the digital gauntlet and reclaims architecture's position as the mother of all arts." Christopher Barley - Future—Predictor

"Thoughts? I haven't laughed at a "design" image in a long time, so this was really refreshing. I hope Reality Cues keeps doing competitions, because they represents a bastion of honesty in an industry gripped by mediocrity of a single overriding style diktat. Also, bath salts." Kelsey Campbell Dollaghan - Fast Company Design

"The Memes are strong in this one." Shelly Johnson - Graffiti Lab

"Architects pwn the internet once more." Archistophanes - Archistophanes

Best Overall Image: "H. Ferriss's Paris Visit" by Francisco Villeda

Prize for Best Overall Image: "Keep Off The Grass!!!" Hacked Version of Hasbro's Operation

Best Redefined Geirangerfjord: "Virtual personal geographies form after digital information gets out of control!!" by Harry Bix

Best Redefined Fort du Salbert: "Is there a Place in the World He Doesn't Get To?" by Marc Deuschle

Best Redefined Ctesiphon Ruin 1864: "Cassette Player Ruin" by Rajiv Fernandez

Best Redefined La Tour St. Jacques La Boucherie à Paris: "La Tour St. Jacques La Boucherie Lighthouse" by Yovcho Gorchev

Best Redefined Catbells Northern Ascent: "Flip One's Lid" by Robert Salmon

Best Redefined Versailles Grand Trianon: "Delirious" by Emily Fischer

Best Redefined Chang Chun Shrine: "Falling Water by Nature" by Sap

Best (and only) Redefined Rainbow Bookcase: "Reformed" by Jonathan LeMaster

Prize for Best of Each Category: A Lego Cube!!! (with secrets inside)

Most Beautiful / I Want to Live There Forever But I Don't Know at What Scale!!!! Award: "Style Empire" by Alexander Menke

Best Weird Dude Attempting to Eat Entry Award: "St. Jacques Eats Paris Baguette" by Anna Pilawska

Least Amount of Original Image Used / WTF? Award: "The Close Encounter of The Last Kind" by Shirley Liu

Most Gobbledygook Title Award: "?SUP? - A Meme Incubation Mixed-Use Luxury Loft Living Cathedral Experience" by BARF

Best Depiction of Rem as God Award: "Prime Real Estate" by Jonathan LeMaster

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

We hope to see you again soon for the next competition!

Fort du Poseidon by Gordon Jack 

Rems Fort du Salbert Visit by Francisco Villeda  

Stock Images by Linus Grace 

This Is Highly Irregular Dave - Maja Paklar 

Noah's Hotel by Laertis-Antonios Vassiliou 

Norman Porn-ster by Min Tshung Voo 

Tunnel of Light by Jayendra Rao 

Corbu Catbells visit by Francisco Villeda 

Red Herring at St. Jacques by Studio Idealyc 

Bucks Geirangerfjord Visit by Francisco Villeda 

Killer Whale's Ctesiphon Ruin by Rong Shan 

Concerte Fall by Manju  

Fort du See Salbert by Anna Pilawska 

There You Are... by Lada Punyaneramitdee 

Clock - Branislav Spasojevic 

La Tour Jacques Brel by Otaku Architects 

Versailles Ground Travel by Anna Pilawska 

There You Are... by Lada Punyaneramitdee  

Fontaine de St. Jacques by Alex Woodhouse 

Abandoning Wilderness Protection by Alex Woodhouse  

Stranglatecture by Marc Deuschle 

Alien Citadel by Min Tshung Voo 

River of Gold by A.J.Cimini 

The Manmade Nature by Traian Despoiu 

Did Not See That Coming by Marc Deuschle 

The Dead End!! by DHV  

Fragment of History by Alex Woodhouse 

The Tower Behind The Wall by Joel-Laurent Mbala-Nkanga 


Spacecreek Estates by Charles Leahy 

In the Ruin by Anna Pilawska 

Magic Moment by Zsuzsi 

Continuous Urban Monument by Jesse Ganes 

End of Republic by Krzysztof Bochniak 

Synthetic Cairns by Kelly Bair 

Diminishing Nature - Human Invasion by Alan Cheung 

"Le Cri" dans la Boucherie by Jerome Cimolai 

Trusses by Kiran 

Monterey Kingdom by Jai Yip 

Spoilt Elephant by Elisabeth Gutsche 

New Old Time by VA  

The Worms of Terra by Marc Deuschle 

The Last Journey by Nilesh Bansal 

So It Goes by Henry Chinaski 

Æ by Manuel Rocas 

Romatische Choreographie by Lorenzo Sandoval 

When All The Water is Gone by Kalan M. Beck 

Caesar Shadow by A.J.Cimini 

Open to Sky! by Nupur 

Time by Jonas Nilsson 

Recycling the Antiques by Mohammad S. Hashemi 

McRuins by Scott Keck 

Rhizochurch by Charles Leahy 

French Famous Tower by Dieneunzehn 

Over the Geirangerfjord by Anna Pilawska 

Basket Case by Marc Deuschle 

Geirangerfjord Roller Coaster - Yovcho Gorchev 

On the Terrace of Falling Waters by Nidhi 

Early Roman by Neena 

The Haven by Nathakit Sae-Tan 

Catbells Northern City Descent by Yovcho Gorchev 

Sublime Density by Tope Olujobi 

Roller Catbells - Anna Pilawska 

Glass Era by Gargy 

Great wall leads to lotus temple by Sapan 

The Place by Nerea Bermejo 

Bridging the GAP by Swati