House at Two Creeks: Aging Gracefully

On a dune-covered beach in northern Wisconsin, at the place where now barren creek beds once flowed into Lake Michigan, stands House at Two Creeks. Like a stone on the lake shore, part submerged and part exposed, House at Two Creeks lives a dual life. Three discreet living quarters covered in natural materials - wood or stone - interact with the rest of the house's glass and otherwise weatherproof public arena. The living quarters exist on both sides of a threshold: half inside of the protective facade and half protruding, exposed to the outside elements. The inside half will be preserved, never losing the luster of new construction, while its other half will age and tarnish, supporting life on the outside as the environment attempts to reclaim the house.

Construction of House at Two Creeks begins this fall and will be completed in 2012.

Project by Joint Joint Architects