Radical Reuse: Unwasteful dissipation of assets.

Nearly 40% of all landfill mass is building construction material. The urge to demolish and build anew is a strategy in need of reconsideration. In this experiment we examine the extents of reuse and recycling. The goal: to utilize every piece of the existing site. Waste nothing.

Our raw material for this experiment is an abandoned asylum and psychiatric garden that awaits demolition in order to make space for a new condominium complex. We start by meticulously dismantling the building and reorganizing materials according to kind: brick, concrete, stone, wood, metal, and organic matter. The separated materials are then re-formed into a series of follies that accentuate the innate qualities of the uniform material used. Each follie is oriented to a particular solar position and as the day progresses, the sun moves from follie to follie. Throughout the course of a day, the sunlight illuminates each one at different times, prompting viewers to evaluate each material on its own. Although the materials take on a new purpose, they will forever bear the indelible history of their past lives.