Trojan Developer Drawings

How well do we understand the buildings we occupy?
Trojan Developer is a series of three drawings exploring how seemingly ordinary buildings can contain trojan horse programs. An underground oil rig apparatus is buried within an embassy, an illicit drug processing operation is hidden within a manufacturing plant, and a human trafficking ring is concealed within a hotel and casino.
The visual language of these explorations is inspired by the experimental architecture of the late 18th century. Enlightenment architects like Étienne-Louis Boullée, Claude Nicolas Ledoux, and Jeremy Bentham used simple forms, scale, and revolutionary organizational strategies to investigate the role of architecture in inspiring social reform. Yet the grandiose designs belie the potential for more sinister possibilities within.





Oil Well | Embassy (2017)
Drug Running | Light Manufacturing (2017)
Human Trafficking | Casino and Hotel (2017)
Hand Drawn Edition of 10
1st Edition, numbered
India Ink on Paper
8 x 10 inches (unframed)
Signed by Archistophanes
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Drug Running | Light Manufacturing Drawing ($750) – SOLD OUT
Human Trafficking | Casino and Hotel Drawing ($750) – SOLD OUT
Print Edition of 100
1st Edition, numbered
100% cotton rag media archival paper
8 x 10 inches (unframed)
Signed by Archistophanes
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