The Monumental Competition


In architecture, bigger has always been better. Whether in homage to the gods, heroes of war, or a beloved variety of hamburger, the monumental replica is the mode of recognition par excellence. Skipping frills and fanfare, the level of recognition has been measured first and foremost by the immensity of scale. Today, ‘going viral’ is a new standard by which the scale of influence is calculated. Here at Reality Cues, we want the whole shebang.
The Monumental Competition is about making architecture in digital, interactive, and social media, where little things can become very, very big and big things become monumental. You decide who or what needs to be memorialized in epic proportions and our jury will decide what goes viral, because let’s face it, size matters.

Last month we asked you to make the most provocative monumental image ever. We were blown away by your responses, sometimes a little confused and a few times scared, but amazed all the same! Since there were so many fascinating entries our jury even decided to give out a few awards of their own!

Congratulations to the winners and everyone who participated!

Prizes for the Top Winners: Reality Cues Action Figures!!!
action figures.jpg

Best Overall Animated GIF: “Borderless City” by Joe Ringenberg

Best Overall Still Image: “Size doesn’t matter. It’s the way you use it! Niagara Falls in every toilet!” by Frederico Pimpão
Size doesn't matter. It's the way you use it! Niagara Falls in every toilet! - Frederico Pimpão.jpg

First Runner Up: “Ocean Mirror” by Yovcho Gorchev
Ocean mirror

Second Runner Up: “Moonument” by Daniel Sakai
Moonument - Dan Sakai

Third Runner Up: “Juergen Mayer H Looking at Things” by Alexander Krol

Mind Melting Award: “Monument to Frustration” by Linus Grace
Monument to Frustration - Linus Grace

Awesome, But Kinda Creepy Award: “Berlin’s Victory Column Suicidal Love Parade” by Yovcho Gorchev
Berlin's Victory Column suicidal love parade

Awwwww, Cute Overload Award: “The Sky is the Limit” by Anel Hodzic

Super Dark… Is There Something You Want to Talk About? Award: “A Monumental Failure” by Sarah Lyons

It’s A… Hmmmm, Interesting Award: “Monument to the Folksy Dipshit” by Fake Barf

Best Installment of a an Entry in a Home: “Joachim, Boaz, Revolution (a homage to Adolf Loos), (a monument to the new architecture of Panama)” by Darién Montañez

Best Enlargement of a Potato Award: “1PHM – One Potato Head Monument” by Jerome Cimolai
1PHM - Cimolai Jerome

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

We hope to see you again soon for the next competition!