The work of Archistophanes focuses on making architecture in digital, interactive, and social media, where ownership is communal and subject matter changes as quickly as users can click the ‘share’ button. Within this culture of reposting, reblogging, and retweeting is the opportunity to modify and subvert prevailing tendencies. Combine this with the ease with which anyone can alter images to create virtual worlds, and you are left with an increasingly fuzzy area between the so-called virtual and real.
Reality Cues – a combination of ‘reality check’ and ‘visual cues’ – is a public experiment in communication and design. Through open competitions and invited submissions, Reality Cues presses architects to explore and question the techniques and conventions or tropes upon which architects rely to communicate ideas concerning space, form and use, with a special concentration on the visualization of contemporary social values systems. The goal of Reality Cues is to amass a collection of exemplary tropes, analyze their value, and re-disseminate them to be exploited smartly and with precision.
The Age of the Architect is coming.


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