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We’ve all heard of the great islands of floating trash in the oceans, tiny bits of plastics and non-organic particles suspended in the upper water column covering millions of square miles across the surface of the seven seas. Although almost all of the garbage is land based, the trash is pulled far out to sea by ocean currents and set adrift in the slow-moving convergent zones. Better known as the doldrums, these convergent zones are thought to be too far, too vast and the garbage too small to be decontaminated in any meaningful way…until now! We proudly introduce aToll, the world’s first oceanic vacuum cleaning robot for garbage patches and environmental disasters!
aToll, named after it’s ring-shaped coral island kin, is the latest easy-to-use, hands-free sustainability device for today’s environmentally conscious world.
The aToll vacuum cleaning robot removes up to 99.9% of pelagic plastics, chemical sludge and other debris –on its own– at the touch of a button. Using Sensible Cleaning Technology (SCT), the robot thoroughly vacuums the entire ocean surface, including hard-to-reach spots like disputed waters in the South China Sea. The Steadfast Pass setting uses a back-and-forth cleaning motion that mimics human vacuuming motions, yielding the cleanest possible results.
aToll is fully loaded with the latest technology and features. The robot’s Dirt Destroy Series 11 technology finds the most polluted areas and performs concentrated cleaning in them to ensure that the whole ocean surface is thoroughly clean. aToll works just like a leaf skimmer in your home swimming pool. The outer surface is a floating weir that allows water filled with pollutant to wash over the top edge and into a series of filters. The trash is collected in an inner ring while clean water is returned to the ocean. A large rotor condenses the trash, which can then be collected periodically and treated in a proper manner.
aToll is an autonomously operational robot. While in port the robot can be scheduled to perform up to seven years of cleaning operations. The electrical engine, navigational systems and inner rotor are powered by photovoltaic solar cells, while the floating weirs function solely by the motion of the waves! Since all of the cleaning action takes place at aToll’s edge there is plenty of usable area on top, which can be converted into an island habitat or even a tropical beach resort!*
aToll includes a 12-month limited warranty with an additional 24-month limited warranty for the included photovoltaic solar cells.
*Tropical beach kit sold separately.